Corvettes are pretty specific cars with a long model year history, host of different body styles, options and engines. When it comes to buying one, it’s certainly best to search sites dedicated to America’s favorite sports car. There are also a load of great guides out there to help you. For example this buying guide written by a classic Corvette owner. However, once you’ve decided on what you want. Check out our 5 top sites for finding Corvette of your dreams, guaranteed.


This site is one the best for selling and buying Corvettes and beside the numerous classifieds, you can find ads for parts, appraisals and price guides. Every car is listed with detailed information, VIN number, price and pictures. You can compare the prices and contact the owners trough the site for faster communication and negotiation.



Online since 1998, there have been thousands Corvettes sold through this site. The site itself may not look modern (1998 design) but it is very easy to use and you can easily access any ad you want.



Cars on line is one of the biggest sites for classic car trading and it has a massive Corvette section. The Corvettes are divided in generations and among the vast number of ads you can find bargains, project cars, racing Corvettes, part cars and perfectly restored examples.



Since 1981, Dan Mershon has bought and sold many classic Corvettes trough his dealership. On his site there’s always a nice selection of top quality classic Corvettes. As an expert with enormous experience, Mershon deals only with the best Corvettes which means that his prices are a little bit higher than the average for a specific model year and version. but the buyers are guaranteed to get what they want. Of course, there is always a little room for negotiation.


  1. Corvette forums and dealers

There are many Corvette forums online such as and all of them offer wealth of information posted by the owners and experts. Every forum also has a classifieds section for cars and parts. Finding a Corvette on an internet forum is easy and you can buy a good example below the average price since the sellers are not professional traders. They are motivated and can help with the shipping and other things. Often, sellers have posted topics about their cars and you can find a lot of pictures, comments and details about your potential purchase (like this classic car seller has posted) which can really help in deciding whether you want it or not.