1. 1961 Corvette

Although the first Corvettes ever produced in 1953 were white with red interior, gold is one of the best colors for a classic ‘Vette. It appeared as an option for the ’61 Corvette and in combination with white body inserts and chromed trim, gold really looks beautiful on it. The color is called Fawn Beige and exactly 1,363 cars got it straight from the factory. In those days, gold and metallic silver were expensive options since the paint technology was relatively primitive and manufacturers just started to implement such colors.



  1. 1964 Corvette

With the introduction of the fantastic C2 Corvette in 1963, came new color choices and optional Saddle Tan gold color. In 1964, just shy of 4000 Corvettes were painted this color. Despite the great look, Chevrolet discontinued this color option for 1965 and this is the only year in C2 generation with gold as a factory color option, which is a shame.


  1. 1969 Corvette

The gold color did return in 1969 with the new C3 generation of Corvette. This time, it was called Riverside Gold, an homage to the famous Riverside International Raceway track in California. This time it was a lighter shade of gold and it was much more popular with the buyers than the previous models. The 1970 model didn’t have a gold option but in 1971 and 1972 there was a War Bonnet Yellow color available.


  1. 1984 Corvette

The C4 generation was a giant leap for Corvette with an all-new options list and color choices. Among them, there was a Gold Metallic color which stayed in Chevrolet’s catalogue until 1988 when it was discontinued. Buyers who bought the gold C4 got a black or gray interior.